Just wondering out loud!

I have recently started watching the “Lost” TV series. It is about groups of survivors who survived a plane crash, which apparently crashed on an island. The plane broke into two pieces – the front part landed somewhere different than where the back part must have fallen. Blah, blah, blah…

Anyway, I wonder if the same thing might have happened to that missing Malaysian flight? I do know that I am not the first person to think like this.

In the series, it was said that the plane lost communication or something and was steering in the wrong direction which explains why no one came to look for them or send any rescue units.

Is it even possible to have something like that to happen with the missing Malaysian plane? Just wondering. Anything could have happened! It is really sad and shocking as to how could 200+ people could have disappeared just like that?! They still have not found anything and just assumed the passengers are dead! That does seem logical but I just do not quite agree with it. They apparently found a piece of the plane and concluded that the passengers must be dead but then, a week or so later, they changed their statement saying that whatever piece they found was not a part of the plane. I know that it is not my place to say anything or complain about it since I am not the one actually looking for the whereabouts of the plane. Just thinking out loud here!

It has been many days since the plane was marked missing and still, there are no leads as to what really happened to it and the passengers. They are basing their search on the “pings” that they had received from the plane before it went to who-knows-where. It is really frustrating! I know that they are doing their best to find out and all we can do is pray.

I do not want to give anyone false hopes or anything, this is just want I have been thinking about.

6 thoughts on “Just wondering out loud!”

  1. I love Lost, and the reason why no one sent help was because the island has a barrier around it to make it hidden, you’ll find out why later.

    1. Why did you tell me that! I am still in the second season not even at the end. That’s ok, at least you didn’t tell me the reason why they made it hidden. Lol. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

      1. Opps, D: It gets really good, make sure to pay attention closely, there is tons of little things that aren’t noticable but really interesting. 😛

      2. Haha. Even though sometimes it seems a bit dragging, it is still fun and interesting. I am loving it! Yea, you are right, there is a lot going on and sometimes I find myself getting a little…”lost”. I will pay even more attention from now on that I know what to expect…well, kind of…thanks to you. 😉

      3. It does drag on a bit sometimes because they have to flashback, then forward, then sideways to explain the characters along with maintaining a current story. 😛

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