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5 Things That I Love

I love many things but I am going to cut down my list to contain only five top most things that I love cause I don’t want to waste your time 😛 :

  1. My beloved iPhone – Don’t get me wrong, I am not an Apple freak. To be honest, it does not matter what type of phone I have, as long as it has message and internet features, I am good. I guess you call that a smartphone, right?
  2. WordPress – I am actually in love with it. I am really glad that I created a blog here. I am learning new things every single day just by reading articles from my Blog reader. I am happy!!
  3. My NOOK – For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, it is an eBook reader. I take it with me wherever I  go. One of the perks of having one is that you have the option of jumping from one book to another depending on your mood. If you don’t have one (not necessarily the one that I have, any can do), you should consider getting one. You won’t regret it!
  4. Internet – Love it, I mean who doesn’t?! I agree that it can be a pain in the ass sometimes especially when you are doing research but at other times, let me just say, it listens. I do hate one thing about it though, but I will leave that for the “hate” list.
  5. Books – I guess I don’t have to mention this, right? Everyone on WordPress are avid readers. If you are here, you are definitely a reader and obviously, a book lover. I don’t what I would do without  books. I don’t even want to imagine a world without them. Too painful!

There are other things that I love but for now, that is all. Honestly, I have some things that I want to complain about the top five items, but like I said, I will leave that for another blog post. Overall, I love them more than I hate them, like they say, “love conquers all” right? Is that even what they say? 😀

I know that this post is pretty boring but I just wanted to write something today and I did.

Well, see you guys later!

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