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Today has been a busy day and it was good too. I had to keep not one but two cousins entertained since morning as the elder one had no school since it is saturday. We attended a big religious program to celebrate the incarnation day of Lord Hanuman. It took place in the gym of my elder cousin’s school but I didn’t get to see her classroom as they were all packed up. Even hallways weren’t available to wander in! Only the gym, cafeteria,  and restrooms were made available to us and they were all in one place. Mayne next time, I will get to explore it more when it’s open during weekdays. I just love schools and exploring new places. Who doesn’t right? New places intrigue me!

Now coming to today’s daily prompt, I haven’t had the chance to even think about it, let alone write on it. This one requires a little thinking and musing, too. I have never really thought deeply about memories. I will post a reply when I have an answer. Right now, my brain does not want to think about anything, it is too tired. And, I am really not in the mood to do the prompt.

I have less than 200 pages left of a book I am reading currently. I want to finish it soon and start a new one. If I am lucky, I can finish it tonight, that is only if I am left alone. The story is starting to lose my interest over it so I really want to get it done before it loses me completely.

I feel good and relaxed now that I wrote this. I didn’t get to write anything other than this since morning. I know that it is very short and doesn’t talk much about anything in particular but this was enough to satisfy my hunger for writing. I was famished, really!!

Good night! 🙂

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