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Memory On the Menu

Which good memories are better – the recent and vivid ones, or those that time has covered in a sweet haze?

I have always been fascinated by the way or brains work. There are many numerous things happening in our brains at any given time. It is never at rest, always looking after us. We would be dead if it slept for even a second. It is truly a wonderful creation of God. Man-made machines and systems are nothing compared to the intricate system found in our body created by God. I am always in awe when I muse about it!

One of the prominent features of our brains is the ability to encode, store, and recall data, which we call memory. Forget about good and bad memories for a moment and appreciate the genius behind all this, who is God.

Now to the matter at hand, personally, I cherish each and every memory of my memory bank. If I had the power to erase some of  the bad ones, I would not choose to do that because every memory adds up to a big pile of experiences. And experiences teach us so many lessons every day. Each and every aspect of our lives are carried out according to our experiences. We learn from experience. If I did erase bad memories, I would not be able to identify what is good and bad. My ability to tell them apart will be impaired as a result. I won’t be able to tell If I am doing a mistake or not. It is from memories, both good and bad ones, that we are able to choose wisely by not making the same mistakes we have done before.

Overall, I think all memories, both recent and old, play a crucial role in our lives. Agree?

Note: This is a response to the prompt posted on 05/24/2014.

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