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28 Positive Messages About Art

List the positive messages you have received about writing or about any creative undertaking.

I have never had people telling me anything about writing except one person. Other than the info provided by that one person, the rest I learned on my own using Google. I am still learning new things everyday about how writing helps you in numerous ways.

However, I have learned and still learning from many people about art, more specifically drawing and painting. I draw but I haven’t gotten into painting…yet.

Let me see if I can recall those positive messages:

  1. Helps us heal from any type of ailments, both physical and mental.
  2. Helps us connect with people.
  3. Brings happiness to those who make it as well as to the ones admiring it. “The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure.” – Dale Carnegie. That is so true. You gotta feel it first! You gotta share your feelings! You gotta love giving pleasure/happiness to others. Isn’t that what all art is about? Any type of art, not only writing.
  4. Teaches to be patient.
  5. Relaxation – acts as a stress reliever.
  6. Acts as an incentive – helps in making good decisions.
  7. Inspiration and motivation.
  8. Doesn’t talk back – a very good listener.
  9. Makes us see the truth (reality).
  10. Improves our memory.
  11. Problem solver – Helps us solve problems more easily. Makes us focus on things that need our attention.
  12. Puts our minds at ease.
  13. Lets us come to an understanding with situations and life.
  14. We become wiser and smarter.
  15. A world to escape to from problems and stress.
  16. Helps us see where we are in life – our growth in many aspects of our lives. Not only body height!!
  17. Helps us achieve our goals.
  18. Lets us help others, reach others through our art.
  19. A good preserver of our memories, accomplishments, feelings, thoughts, etc. A part of us lives on even after we die. Something for the posterity!
  20. Brings us, our thoughts, and our lives clarity – We will be able to put our thoughts in order and sort them. Trash unnecessary and disturbing ones, keep/save the ones we want and need. Relieves pressure/stress off of mind. Less stress, more sleep, live longer.
  21. Gets our minds off of things that we are not supposed to be thinking of in the first place. Gets us free from any kind of addiction we might have.
  22. Enables us to show empathy towards others – How? Writing from many perspectives helps us with that.
  23. We won’t be as angry – We can write down whatever angry thoughts, then here comes the best part…no one sees them, well unless we make them see/read it. No need to lash out on others and later feeling guilty about our actions. We can write down about any feelings, not only anger.
  24. Gives us a feeling of purpose. Write down things that we need to do, then developments of tactics, then gain purpose. Less stress again.
  25. Helps us think clearly.
  26. Keeps us sane.
  27. Makes us happy and live fully.
  28. We will feel accomplished.

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