Journal, Writing 101

Day 1 of Writing 101: Stream-of-consciousness

To get started, let’s loosen up. Let’s unlock the mind. Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write.

Free writing for twenty minutes: My first time so be kind.

As I had said, this is my first time free writing and as you can tell I am stalling by repeating what I had already mentioned. What can I do? I don’t know what to write about. There is nothing interesting going on in my life to talk about with you guys. It has become a routine and nothing adventurous is in it. Just a boring daily routine. Nothing remotely interesting going on, trust me!

I should start going out of the house and take up walks but the summer heat is stopping me. Don’t you all think it just way too much heat to handle? So hot! Now I wish it was winter, but then if it was winter, I would be wishing for summer. Am I the only one? Nope, don’t think so. My apartment gym is way too far for me to walk. It has been weeks since I’ve been there, I know what you are thinking: lazy. You know what? Yes I am lazy, well sometimes.

Is this how you are supposed to free write? Am I doing it right?

I have started working on a scholarship essay and it is so damn hard. Why does it have to be so hard? My problem with writing has always been starting it and once I start, I don’t stop because I don’t know when and where to stop. The latter is manageable. The part where I am always stuck is starting. Once I am past that, there is no stopping but writing, writing, and writing. Anyway, I have already started on it, it is just that I will have make my thoughts more comprehensible.

I hate talking on phone, even it is my mom. I just hate it! I strongly dislike the concept of talking over phone but unfortunately (for me), phones are made to talk to others. You need anything, text me…I am that kind of girl. I really hate it! I cannot stand talking for more than a minute on it, really. I am not joking!! It is true. I just don’t find anything to say…even if the person on the other end ringed me after many days/months. It just makes everything awkward. I am the silent and reserved type. I cannot get myself to start a conversation, it has to be the other. I just can’t do it! I really hate this aspect of my personality. I really do! I would like to be more sociable. But just because I keep to myself does not mean that I am annoyed or irritated easily. You will actually find me funny once you got to know me! I am actually very talkative, very! I smile a lot…some people think I am innocent or that I haven’t yet experienced any of what life has to give me!! That is so not true, I have had many experiences thrown at me by life…many, those you do not even want get near!! I simile even when I am in pain, that is just me. It is a part of me. I met this girl last semester and she was saying that I was cute and innocent because well, I was smiling. At first, I took it as a compliment but later on (after a few meetings), it became clear to me that she thought of me like that because she thought that I didn’t face any of the struggles life had to give me. I was taken aback by that! Right then, I wanted to give her a lecture but then it was time for my next class! She was lucky to be spared! It irritated me!

Time is up. Started at 6:00P and now it is 6:22P.

3 thoughts on “Day 1 of Writing 101: Stream-of-consciousness”

  1. Girl, you and me are the same person, like ditto. The phone is so me. You may have read my post – call me maybe where I have mentioned that talking on the phone with the 2 people who call me once in every 3 months is awkward as hell. I can’t even get myself to talk to my bro is lives in USA. We are just the same in this 🙂

    1. Hahaha! I did read that post of yours, I was freaking out that I might be the only one!! I just cannot find anything to say…very awkward….I hate that silence! Ugghh! I strongly detest talking over the phone!! Thanks for reading and commenting! Always looking forward to what you gotta say about my rants and thoughts! 😉

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