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I love books!!

It is a great feeling to be immersed in a book? Isn’t it? The words, sentences, pronunciation, plot, etc. are beautiful. Everything about a book is so delightful! I have been reading a lot these days, and to prove (well, to myself) that, I have been having dreams in which I am reading. One of those dreams was about trying to understand what they story was trying to communicate to the readers. I know that this is always the case but I don’t know why but in my dream, the story was more challenging. Ever single sentence had to converted to be into something that I would understand to feel the meaning of that sentence. No, it was not foreign or anything, though it was in plain English words, it was different and challenging. I was sad that I didn’t get to finish what I was doing because I had to wake up! It was all confusing yet really felt great! Reading is so fun, I have missed so much of it in the last seven years. It was in sixth grade that I got hooked to Harry Potter series. I was just introduced to reading novels, before that I only knew of textbooks. I am serious. I studied in India till fifth grade, then we moved here to US. I started sixth grade here in US. So anyway, like I said, I was just starting to read books that weren’t textbooks and gradually got into HP. Just imagine what it would be like to a sixth grade person who has just started reading books but then somehow was introduced to HP! It was overwhelming!! After reading those series twice, I just couldn’t get myself involved in any of the books I read post-HP. I would start reading a book then I would just put it down because nothing captured my attention or interest after HP! I just couldn’t get enough of it, I was really obsessed. I hated this period (post-HP) of my life because I didn’t read any books. I strongly regret it. I am glad that I am reading again, it feels so good!

I haven’t gotten a chance to do that review on Gone Girl yet. It has all been about spending some quality time with a relative since that person will be leaving soon for India. By soon, I meant in a couple of days! Yes, that soon! I want to go too but there are some hmm…things that won’t allow me to leave right now. So I have to wait a few more…years!! I always feel sad when someone leaves for India because I get overwhelmed with wanting to go too. Just the topic of someone leaving makes me grr...Wait for me! Please take me with you, I don’t care if you are a stranger! Oh well.

I just wanted to share my feelings with you all!

Good night from a happy girl! 🙂

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