Hey Guys!

I am still on Earth so you could erase that oh-my-god-pomegranatelover-has-been-abducted-by-aliens thought. None of you didn’t thunk that way? Come on, at least one person must (read should) have thought like that. If not, you are all so boring!! Just kidding!

Anyway, life has been distracting me in numerous ways. I have changed my diet to accomodate my umm…health issues (something I hate discussing openly on blog). The diet itself isn’t so bad, well….yea, it kinda is. Any diet that goes against your fav foods is hard but being healthy is more important, right? So I am trying my best to like what I eat because apparently eating without complaining does more good to your health than you think it does. I think it’s true even though it sounds strange.

I haven’t been reading and writing much because of some personal distractions. I haven’t lost interest in either of them so you guys don’t worry. I am still passionate about both and I will always be. Same with blogging. I am trying my best to get back to both, hopefully soon.

Happy reading and writing to all!
Catch you guys later 🙂

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