To Read or Not To Read

I am reading Paper Town by John Green. I am not even halfway through yet but I find it boring. It is kinda weird how the author started off the novel…
What is with breaking and/or entering into others houses? And weirdest of all, breaking (or is it entering) into Sea World? What is up with them? It is kinda annoying not having a sense of direction as to where the story is going! I am on page 66 and still have no idea why they are doing what they are doing. I am totally in the dark, is this what you are aiming for, Mr. Green? If so, you achieved it!
I’m in a position where I want to quit it but at the same time, I want to keep at it. So I am going to continue reading it because Mr. Green has achieved that much of my patience and respect after reading two of his books (i.e. Looking for Alaska and The Fault in Our Stars). I have acquired enough confidence in his talent at story-writing to keep on reading Paper Town. You win, Mr. Green!

5 thoughts on “To Read or Not To Read”

    1. Do read, it is interesting and you might like it. I made a mistake in my post but corrected it now. I meant to say that I read looking for alaska and the fault in our stars instead of alaska and papertown. Silly mistakes, but learned a lesson though: Don’t ever text or post when I’m excited!! Lol πŸ˜€

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