Journal, Random

Move forward!

What is with time? It keeps on moving regardless of everything and everyone. It does its’ job and never ever waits for anyone to catch up. Why can’t it ever be more considerate about those like me, who fail to maintain steady relationships (not with opposite sex) with people? Why can’t ever go slow in good moments and fast in, you know, bad and terrible events? It is just not fair.

I think I should be more like the time. To keep on moving regardless of what has happened to me and my family. Never stop for anyone or anything. Just move, move, move forward. Past is past and I should not let it bother me in the future or even in the present. Pick what you need to survive in the present/future from the past, but don’t let it decide your life. Take over because it is your life. Live in the moment, enjoy it, if you can, savor the good moments. Life is a bitch (sorry, first time using it) but you gotta ride it no matter what.

According to Hindu scriptures, you might not be born as a human in your next life. Who knows? Maybe we will be born as a stone, bird, or whatever. So we better enjoy this life of ours while it lasts! Who knows where we will be after the end of our life cycle, right?

Enjoy your life, my dear humans!

I am aware that I got off track from where I started. Sorry, that is just how my mind is now, jumping uncontrollably. Right now, I am very very bored.

Well, talk to you guys later! Have fun doing whatever it is you are doing! 😀

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