Update: Driving and school!

I have started driving a little now that I got my permit a few weeks ago. I took eight one-hour lessons and planning to take more again but with another instructor at a cheaper price.

Oh my, the lessons are way too pricey for me! The one who taught me was an Indian and let me tell you this: they look down on fellow Indians! Some Indians all act high and above everything and fellow Indians. Gosh, it is just annoying and outright rude. I am not talking about every Indian out there, but just some. I don’t get why they act like that! They just don’t get it. They are not at all willing to help other Indians except Americans. What is up with that? I really don’t understand. I have seen this type of behavior of Indian students in school many times. I am really frustrated!!! Why in the world would they do that???? And yes, you are right. My driving teacher was like this. Just arrrgghh!!

I need to practice a lot before I can schedule for my road test. My uncle is very scared of taking me to practice!!!! So, he is out of the picture. The only other person who could take me is my mom and she did this morning but for just 30 minutes. She was scared first but then it was okay after a little while. I don’t blame her or me, it is her first time assisting a novice driver. She suggested that I take a few more lessons till I get confident at driving. In other words, she wants to make sure I get enough lessons so that I won’t do anything bad to her car! LOL! I understand and also agree that I should get more lessons before my mom could take me on to the road. Meanwhile, I will just be practicing in the neighborhoods. I really hope to get my license soon at least in the next month, if not August. But I shouldn’t hurry, I should take it slow. Slow and steady wins the race. Wish me luck! 🙂

School starts August 25th, just two more weeks of holidays! I am very excited and nervous. I think it will be a little hard as I will be taking two science classes (Chemistry II and University Physics I), one math class (Calculus II), and one foreign language (Spanish I). I have never taken two science classes simultaneously so this will be new and difficult for me. Both are pretty hard subjects!! That too with Calc II!!! Wow, I guess I am in for a very rough ride! Still haven’t bought/rented any textbooks, I am thinking whether to wait till the first week of semester and act according to professors’ instructions or go ahead and get them. I think the former choice seems better but then I am afraid that the school bookstore will be out of those books if I wait that long!! Arrgghh!! I don’t know, I will decide later.

And now, updating you all with what I have been reading and writing:

Reading: The Immortal Life of Harrietta Lacks and I’m going to start a nonfiction history book today. I will include the titles in my Books and Authors page.

Writing: Nothing much, just writing in my journal. Haven’t had time to write stories or anything else as I have been very busy with my cousins and driving classes. Will get back to the track soon!

That is it y’all!

Happy reading and writing! Catch you guys later!

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