Word for everything!

Wow, it is amazing that we have words to describe anything in this world (and beyond)! I am not exaggerating, really. I am so shocked, that’s all.

I came across two such words that I didn’t even know existed describing the things that I see in almost every tolllywood movie and in real life.

Drum-roll please…..
Yes, that’s enough. You might take me as a crazy person but they deserve it. Not the meanings of course.

1.) Job’s comforter (read in the origin that Job is actually a character in the Bible. Maybe you all knew this before but me being a Hindu did not know that) : one who seemingly comforts others while crushing  their poor hearts.
2.) Gaslight (a technique that I have seen in many movies): to make someone doubtful of his or her own sanity by manipulating them psychologically.

Any other interesting words out there? I am sure there are many.

Time to go to school.
Signing out,

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