Learn to say “NO”! I must…

That imperative statement definitely applies to me!

Despite the desire to discuss in detail on this topic, I will be brief as it is very late and I need to go to bed. I have college tomorrow, ugh!

I need to learn to say NO to people when they come to me for help by calling/texting such at inappropriate times i.e. late at night. I must get used to feeling guilty in the stomach when I actually say NO to others. I must learn to speak up and not think of what others might think of my actions and decisions. This is my life and I have the right to express my opinions as freely as I desire. This is America for God’s sake!!! One of the fundamental rules is to speak up without any fear!

I cannot help everyone as much as I want to because everyone takes advantage of this quality. I must be tough and get my point across without offending the other person. It is essential that I work on own work rather than offering my valuable time to others in helping with their problems. I must put my life first. I have one life and I cannot waste it.

I should always keep the following matter in my mind: There is always a limit to everything, including my services to others. I must remember to fulfill all my duties and responsibilities first, not others, but mine.

It will definitely take time and courage to say NO to others but I must muster up the strength to say it.

Good Night guys!

Happy reading and writing, y’all! 

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