Christmas Eve!

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!

Tomorrow is Christmas! Even though I do not celebrate it, I am just as excited as everyone else who celebrates it. I don’t why! Sometimes I wish my family and I could celebrate it just for the sake of getting presents! 😉 I am aware that Christmas is not just about giving and receiving gifts. It is about spending some quality time with one’s family, getting a much deserved break from your commitments such as school, university, work, etc., and, may I add, getting presents! Haha, sorry.

Anyway, I have finally completed reading “Tuesdays with Morrie.” It was great! It has become my “go-to” book if I ever need motivation in anything at all. Isn’t that so cool? Though all the topics covered in it weren’t really really new to me, they have, nonetheless, opened my mind and heart a little more. That book was a good remainder of what life and death are. I will definitely read it again and again…maybe until I have mastered reciting all the wonderful sayings of Morrie! Wish I had taken note of some quotes from the book, but, alas, my forgetful self…well, forgot! No worries, as I said, I am going to read it again.

I would like to start reading another book…hmm? Any suggestions? Any genre is fine.

What have you been reading?

I know…this was just another “hello y’all” post. Just bear with me as I try to find my lost muse to write a meaningful post. Any writing is writing, right? !

Happy reading and writing, y’all!

Yours truly,



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