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The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

I have started reading the above book a few days ago and it is going well. I thought that I could get away with not having to use the dictionary (blame my laziness and eagerness to complete reading it) if I could try my best to get the meaning of some words from the context in which they are found but no luck. I have no idea why I even started with a complaint!

I think I like it but I am not sure because the story jumps from one scene to another in the past unexpectedly that it takes me some time to gather my bearings. I guess it is because that I am too immersed in it or the more logical fact is that I am kinda having trouble following the story. Don’t worry, I am not planning to shut it in the middle because I need the satisfaction of knowing that I will have read at least one book this year by the end of next week.

I just do not understand why the protagonist is even depressed! What? Her life? When exactly did her depression start? In New York? or in Boston after her trip to New York? What events, if any, instigated her descent into depression? What is the cause? So many questions!! I think I am going to read this book again sometime in the future, maybe not too soon. It irritates me.

Also, it is getting hard to enjoy reading books for I am getting stuck at observing the structure of the sentences, words used, the narrative tense, narration, point of view, etc to learn a thing or two about writing. It feels like I am just now learning to pay attention to details that I never even new existed before my love for writing came about. You know, just like an artist (regardless of their level of knowledge) that looks at art with both eyes out on a search for the details of the piece (trust me, I know), such as the medium, texture, drawing method, etc. while trying to feel the feelings and thoughts elicited by the piece. You just can’t look at a drawing of others (and, in this case, reading books) peacefully! There is no peace left for those who have become artists and for those who are interested in and love writing. I am sure you guys are know what I am talking about! 😉

Good Night,

Pomegranate Lover!

Have fun with whatever it is you guys are doing!

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