5 (make it 4) things that keep me balanced…

1.) Despite the many excuses I try to come up with to avoid spending time with God (mostly due to my laziness), praying keeps me calm. The more I read His stories, the more I want to get to know Him.

2.) Drawing: It makes me feel at peace with myself and makes me forget about other stressful things, at least momentarily, while I draw. I haven’t really did any drawings lately due to illness and school.

3.) Reading: Gives me a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. I am trying to read more classics and nonfiction books (to form opinions in regards to several matters of the world). Reading books helps us in forming our own beliefs and opinions and greatly helps in discussion sessions for some classes.

4.) Writing: Brings about tranquility almost instantly if we can ignore the frustration that it sometimes brings.

5.) Oh man, I cannot think of anything else! I guess that is it for me. I cannot include drinking coffee for I don’t drink coffee. I guess, as long as I have the aforementioned things, I really don’t need anything else.

Those are the top 4 and the only 4 things that keep me balanced. I will let you know if I think of anything else.

What about you????

Happy reading and writing, y’all!

Pomegranate Lover!

P.S. I finished reading The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath yesterday!

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