Wonderful Dream!

So, I had this really good dream last night. This is how it goes….

Before I describe it,  you need to know that I was having a terrible time yesterday, both emotionally and physically.

Anyway, here is the dream…

I was doing something before my mom had called me to get up and go to my uncle for he was going to teach me some hymns. I was exhilarated by it because what more fun than getting to know Him through His hymns and scriptures. I did go to my uncle and he started to teach me. While I was reciting back the hymn that he had just taught, I felt extremely lucky, you know! And as the dream started to fade, I felt as if He was trying to tell me that no matter what, He is going to be there for me and that I could depend on Him for anything and everything.

I really needed that, you know, reassurance.

I just wanted to share this with you all. No matter what and regardless of the situation we might find ourselves in, He is there for us all. We can depend on Him without any fear. He will not disappear on us. He is permanent, not temporary like some of the relationships we have. We can always count on Him. Not some, but all relations that we form with others on this Earth are all temporary but the one that we form with Him is not. I am not implying that we should forget our friends and family but just saying that we should also include Him at all times. These days, most people (even me sometimes) remember Him only when they are facing some struggles in their life and at other times, they do not even acknowledge that He is even there at all. Just think, how would you feel when people come to you in their troubles and forget to include you equally in their joys and pleasures? Don’t you want to feel included? The same goes for Him. We must always remember Him both in our sorrows and happiness. Include Him, share everything with Him, etc. He won’t even talk back to us…what a great listener He is! He is patiently waiting for us to go to Him. After all, we are His children and as we all know, there is no parent that does not love his or her children unconditionally. He loves us unconditionally in spite of the times when we were being naughty and arrogant. He has never forgotten us and will never forget us. He always wishes for our wellbeing and happiness. So, let us be there for Him too! Let us include Him in our daily activities. Let us not forget Him. Do not let go of Him. Hold on to Him for He will not let anything happen to us.

Well, I have to go get ready for school.

Happy reading and writing, y’all!

Pomegranate Lover


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