A Day Unplugged

Hello my loyal followers,

Here is an attempt at a poem that I did as an extra credit assignment for one of my classes this semester. I hope you enjoy it!

The Modern Day Hermit

How blissful were the days

When no modern technology existed

To disrupt the little peace of mind we once had

When relationships were as strong as ever

When people were living in the moment

And enjoying that moment to the fullest

Surrounded by families and friends

And not by lifeless electronics.

When stories, art, and music were enough

To inspire and motivate us to soar up to the sky

On the wings created from our imaginations

And our ambitions did not include

Gaining thousands of friends,

Or, if you will, strangers

On our social media accounts.

When our dreams and ambitions were

so simple and pure in that they did not consist of

Jealousy, spite, and bitterness

When Love was more than enough

To overcome the tragedies of life

All the while reminiscing the

Songs of love that our mothers

Sang to us as lullabies.

When the big, bright screens had not stolen

The spare time we had on our hands

When leisure hours were spent

With beloved family members and friends

Not with glowing screens in our hands:

Screens that lack life, mirth, and passion

Screens that have made us mute, deaf, and blind

To the emotions, feelings, and opinions

of others and ourselves

Screens that somehow make us feel inferior to others,

And even worse, to ourselves.

How disappointing these days are

When modern technology has snatched away

The purity of our minds

The innocence of our youth

The sheer joy of relishing the company

of fellow human minds and hearts

that ooze love and affection

Instead, we keep spiritless gadgets

Close to our minds and hearts as company.

The new generations would never know

What life is like without modern technology

As they have already been made mute, deaf, and blind

And are now incapable of understanding

The beauty of the tranquil life that the world

Without technology once had.

Alas, little do they know that

These electronics have nothing to offer but

Regret and constant loneliness

If used extensively and inappropriately.







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