Food for thought

Food For Thought #1

Hello everyone,

I thought that I should begin a series called, well, see the title above. It will be fun, I promise. I have these puzzling questions for you all to try and come up with the correct answer. Do know that I did not create these puzzles. I am thinking of posting a question every two days or so, dependent upon your response I will give the answer to the previous question on the days that I post a new question.

In order for this series to be a success, I will need you all to comment your answers, alright? In addition to your answer, it will be even more interesting and fun if you also provide your explanation/justification of your answer. I highly recommend that you do not look these answers up on the web, else the real goal of this series will be lost, that is, to have fun! Also, if you think that you guys need more time to ponder over these riddles, then please let me know so that I will post a new question once every five days or so. Just let me know what you prefer, then we will go from there.

Without further ado, drum roll please, let us commence our series!!

A man was looking at a portrait.

Someone asked him, “Whose picture are you looking at?”

He replied: “Brothers and sisters have I none, but this man’ s father is my father’ s son.” (“This man’s father” means, of course, the father of the man in the picture.)

Whose picture was the man looking at?

Please comment your answers. I would greatly appreciate it.

If no one comments by Sunday (02/26/17), then I guess that I won’t post any more of these questions since no comments usually indicate disinterest. The reason that I am asking you to comment is that I will know whether anyone’s even participating.

Let us all have some fun, y’all!

Pomegranate Lover

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