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I Only Want You When It’s 2 AM — Thought Catalog

Interesting and very confusing!

PolinaI only want you when it’s 2 AM, never when it’s 2 PM. I only want you when I have to walk home alone at night and I’m scared of the way the world has become. I only want you when I watch a creepy episode of How To Get Away With Murder so I…

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Whimsy this Wednesday

It is not quite Wednesday here yet, it is 11:49P.
But anyway, gave me a good laugh!! Thanks for sharing Jenni! 🙂

Unload and Unwind

whimsy for wednesdayImage courtesy of IFLScience which is one of my favorite sites.

Gave me quite the laugh when I thought about it.

If you’re interested in an interesting piece of jewelry here are the links for the Dopamine and the Serotonin earrings.

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